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Our team transforms the earliest stages of a song into a full-fledged production that rivals today’s biggest hits, even as we work remotely with artists all over the world.

Producing original musical pieces that speak to their target demographic is our masterpiece.

Working with agencies, production houses, music label companies, we have benchmarked our qualities in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much capital do I need to invest to make a music video?

A music video might cost anywhere from ₹1 lakh to ₹10 lakhs or even more. In the past, the quality of music videos was plainly harmed by low-budget, low-quality cameras and equipment. However, in today's world, 4k and 8k digital cameras are now available for a few thousand dollars a day.

So, if a skilled director and cameraperson are behind it, it can be created for as little as 25,000 and yet look fantastic. Although the cost of technical components and equipment has decreased, creating a spectacular music video still requires a highly capable and experienced Director + DOP team.

To give you a one base line number, the bare minimum budget of your music video should be around ₹1.5 Lakh

What is the confidentiality associated with my Music?

It's no problem. We understand that in the early stages of your project, you may be concerned about leaking your song. Simply email us a link to a similar song by another artist on YouTube or Soundcloud, and we'll work with it until the day of your shoot. You must provide us with the song to use on the playback system for lip syncing on the day of your filming.

Is there a legal contract I can sign to assure confidentiality?

Without a doubt. Before you send us your music, we can sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) between you, the artist, and us, the production studio, so you can rest assured that your project will be kept completely confidential.

What are the required timelines to produce my music video?

That depends on how quickly you need it completed. If it takes too long to nail down the concept for the music video, the entire timeline for the music video may suffer. Similarly, if you are unable to provide 75 percent of the entire music video production cost in advance, the pre-production and shoot timeframes will be pushed back. A music video can be shot, edited, colour corrected, and delivered to you in as little as 7 days if everything goes according to plan.

What are the required timelines to shoot my music video?

The duration of the music video shoot is determined by the concept, budget, and number of shooting locations, as well as other considerations such as cast and crew availability, weather conditions, and so on. Most music video shoots are completed in two days or less. The majority of low-budget music videos may be completed in a single day of filming.

What are the required timelines to edit my music video?

There are two stages to the post-production process. The initial step involves trimming photos and aligning them in editing software. This is referred to as the "offline" stage. The offline edit is locked once you approve it, and it cannot be modified again. The offline edit is then sent to the online phase, where the material is enhanced to HD, colour correction, and DI (Digital Intermediate) are performed. In most cases, both offline and online editing takes no more than 3–4 days.

Could you explain the payment process in detail?

We will request an advance payment of up to 75% of the total fixed budget for the music video after the concept and plot have been finalised. The pre-production process for the music video will begin only after money has been received.

Do I need to be present during the production?

No. During the concept, casting, and pre-production stages, we can communicate with you exclusively via email or Whatsapp. If you are a member of the music video's primary cast, you must, of course, arrive at the designated site on the day of the filming. After the shooting is completed, you can choose to participate in the post-production stage if you desire, or you can return home. We can provide you the offline and online edits for your approval, as well as the finished music video after it's completed.