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The Confluence of a Story Series

The world today is dominated by web series full of cringe-inducing content. The audience binge watch their favourite content, which produces a hook up for the next season. Web series are meant for this. Weekends are ideal for watching web series continuously. Binge watching Content that enhance a story, character, or journey create a space in the hearts of millions and Forever Big Entertainment has done just that in the past as well as in the present.

Web Series Production Company in Mumbai & Delhi


Our main objective is to maximize the potential of our expertise. As one of the top web series production companies in Mumbai & Delhi, we want to win audiences’ hearts rather than earn them with a low-quality storyline. Choosing talent based on what viewers want is the best move we can make. Our commitment is to provide our clients and audiences with a clear understanding of what the concept is in a quick turnaround time without them having to watch all day long.


We lead the competitive world of web series development with our cutting edge qualities and aspects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a web series?

A web series is a collection of written or non-scripted videos, usually in episodic form, that are released on the Internet and are a subset of the web television medium, which initially appeared in the late 1990s and gained traction in the early 2000s.

What is a film production house? How can I become a producer?

A web series is structured similarly to a television show. Both have a series of episodes that tell a story or provide information. The primary distinction between a web series and a television series is the amount of money required to launch and maintain each. 


A television series typically necessitates high production expenditures, prominent actors, and huge media corporations. A camera, a show premise, and individuals to recite the written or unscripted lines are all required for a web series.

First web series of India?

Permanent Roommates

The Viral Fever released India's first web series, Permanent Roommates, in 2014, after a few years of generating "viral videos."

Why are web series so popular?

A web series has the potential to become incredibly successful or "go viral," and the chance to be "picked up," or contracted for distribution, by big TV and film companies because it is viewed online and throughout the world. Many web series have been offered television adaptations.

Do web series make money?

Web series are typically funded and monetized by indie creators using AdSense and pay-per-view or subscription-based Video on Demand (VOD). 


An OTT platform is another option for hosting your web series. 

The majority of OTT services operate on a subscription model, which is frequently priced differently in different areas. People are heavily investing in these platforms, so that's another source of revenue. OTT platforms purchase the rights to the shows that are produced, which is how these productions are given a budget.